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Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

Neighbor II

Re: Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

There is no fix... Tape is all that works. Ring stated it's working as intended.
New Neighbor

Re: Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

Same issue with green light.  I just got a new system and I thought the light was on and indicating an issue with the battery.  It is annoyingly bright.

New Neighbor II

Re: Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

@hmay wrote:

I just spoke with Cammy at Ring support. She confirmed that this request has been forwarded to the Ring developers many times, but that the developers have determined that the battery LED cannot be disabled due to design limitations of the keypad. In other words, it's going to take a hardware change, not just a firmware and app update. Cammy at Ring said the only way to turn off the battery LED would be to unplug the keypad and let it run on battery, but doing so would also turn off the alarm status LEDs (Away/Home/Disarmed).


So, I just put tape over the battery status light since I don't want to give up having the alarm status LEDs constantly illuminated (but dimmed). So that the tape doesn't look so stupid, I plan on picking up some white electrical tape to hide the darker tape (silver aluminum HVAC tape) that I'm using to obscure the green light.

I have been in engineering for over 2 decades, if the LED can blink, change colors, or turn off when not charging... it can be turned off via a firmware update. Ring’s developers are either too lazy to work on a fix or their managers won’t let them... either way, I can assure you this can be addressed. They even put in a slider to control the brightness of other LEDs... they just don’t want to give in on this. 


If you’re gutsy enough to crack it open just unsolder the LED. There were no screws holding mine together, just pressure clips. It took some work but was worth it.


I suggest we keep calling them about it

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