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Contact Sensor (Gen1) registering constantly as tampered

New Neighbor

Contact Sensor (Gen1) registering constantly as tampered

I have contact sensors (generation 1) for my house that I just installed and 4 of the 5 are no issue.  One sensor constantly reads as tampered, the only way to clear it is by applying pressure to the sensor while mounted.  I have reconfigured it several times but it always defaults to tampered.  The case fits perfectly but it seems to have an issue with the clearence on the contact.

Anyone lese having this issue or any ideas for repair.

Community Manager

Re: Contact Sensor (Gen1) registering constantly as tampered

Good question @NavyRet! As you stated, the tamper message is an indicator of the cover or switch behind it showing as tampered. This should definitely go away once the cover is securely closed on the Sensor. If you take the cover off you will see a small button behind the antennae, which can be pressed to test tamper state.


If this concern persists, try performing a reset on the Contact Sensor following the steps in the bottom of this help center article. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy 

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