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Configuring Home mode

New Neighbor

Configuring Home mode

Hey there,


I'm trying to set up my modes but having difficulty getting a particular set up.



Everything is off  – for when I have company over and I don't want to get notifications / chirps about friends and family hanging on my front porch.



Door and motion sensors are off – but my front camera is on and notifies / chirps me when I'm in the house when I get delivery or mail.



Full system is armed. Alarm goes off when door / motion sensor is tripped.


The issue I'm running into is that when I go to turn off all my door sensors in the Home mode settings and then try to go into Home mode I get the notification "At least one sensor must be monitored" – confused as to how I can get the above Home mode configuration if my door sensors have to armed?

New Neighbor II

Re: Configuring Home mode

Outside the box stuff first blush

If you are not really using home mode as it was designed.  Like set exterior doors at night for alarm and interior cams/sensors off.

I think it is not a whole lot more steps to turn off motion alerts for the camera in palace of setting to home.

I think the key here is most of the time you will be home or away and it would not be a terible burden to turn off the camera when folks a playing on the porch.

Do you not see any value in home vs away?

Just pondering Smiley Happy

Grey Lancaster