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Base Station and wifi won't connect

New Neighbor

Base Station and wifi won't connect

Two weeks after setting up Ring, and having a full connection between the Base Station and Wifi, they disconnect.  I've moved the Base Station to a foot of the Router.  Will not connect.  I've done a hard reboot of the Router and tried to reconnect.  Will not connect.  Nada, nothing.  Unfortunately, Ring solutions online have zero other suggestions that I can find.  Do I have a faulty Base Station?  Yes, the password for the wifi is correct, I've disconnected other devices and reconnected to make sure I wasn't wrong on that topic.  Does anyone have any other suggestions.  If nothing works in the next few days, then the Warranty Department is being called.

Neighbor II

Re: Base Station and wifi won't connect

If you can connect it by Ethernet, I would. Then you won't need Wi-Fi. Otherwise I'd call customer service and speak with them.