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Alexa Announcement/Routines on Alarm Activated

New Neighbor

Alexa Announcement/Routines on Alarm Activated

Hi All, I've just installed the Ring Security System, it's great! I'm especially pleased with the ability to create Alexa Routines i.e. when this happens Alexa says... I have created such routines that 'say x' when Ring is set to Away, Home and Disarmed, and assigned a preferred Alexa device (speaker) to 'announce’… I was also hoping to see an option to create a similar routine for if/when the Alarm is trigged/activated with the ability to ‘announce’ to all Alexa devices i.e. ‘The Security System has been activated… ‘ I live in a 4 story townhouse and the base station is hardly audible from the top floor but every room has an Alexa Device. I have the Ring Doorbell and that’s capable and set to announce to all devices when the button is pressed. Have I missed it in the Alexa/Ring Alarm setup or should this be a ‘New Feature Request’?  Thanks for the steer..

Community Manager

Re: Alexa Announcement/Routines on Alarm Activated

Hi @X11Right now the only Amazon Alexa trigger that is supported is for when you are doing an "Armed in Away" action. You can access this by going to routines -> tap add action -> tap smart home -> all devices -> choose Ring Alarm devices -> Arm Away. From there you can do some brief customization with the Armed in Away actions. You cannot setup Alexa to make announcements when Ring Alarm is alarming yet, but I will make sure to pass on this feature to the appropriate team for you! Additionally, you can setup actions on the away mode, disarmed mode and armed stay (home mode for Ring). 

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