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Alarm Feature Request

New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

Please, please add volume control to the main station siren. It is much too loud for our situation.  



New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

I think there should be volume controls for chimes and voice. In order to hear the countdown the volume has to be so loud that the "Disarmed" voice blares throughout the house. I also think you should be able to mute the voice on disarm. I don't need a loud blaring voice to tell me that its disarmed. Simple feedback from the keypad would be sufficient.

New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

Hello Ring Team!


Recently installed several cameras, doorbell and alram to home, and generally happy. 


Couple suggestions for additional items and features:

1 - Add Outdoor (weather resistant contact sensors) for gates and sheds. 

2 - Sound all camara sirens and start recording when allarm is triggered

3 - Make Ring App protected , open with touch ID or face recognition 

4 - Consider two-way communication through Ring Home Alarm Base


Thank you!

New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

Ditto, where jPojo says this:


"- Single PDF with documentation of EVERY alarm feature. I have found the website material and the simple owners manual to be too "dumbed" down to be helpful and have to resort to spending an extensive amount of time searching the site to see if a feature exists."


Re: Alarm Feature Request

My idea is to connect my outside path lights and floodlights to my alarm and then strobe if my alarm goes off. Also having my cams sirens go off as stated before would help.
New Neighbor

Make notification wording smarter and clearer

The wording of the notifications are a bit clumsy, especially when you just have a single motion sensor in a room.


e.g. it currently sends me notifications such as:

Home Living Room in Living Room detected motion at...


It's a bit confusing and hard to scan at a glance.


How about omitting "Home" if the user just has a single property? (Or omit it if the name has been left as "Home".)


Then, in order to avoid the naming awkwardness caused by needing to name the room and sensor, how about omitting the sensor name from a notification if it is set to the same as the room name?


This would then allow for both:

Living Room detected motion at...

as well as 

Flat Dining Area in Living Room detected motion at...


So no matter what the user's setup is, the notifications will be clear.

New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request


New Neighbor II

Re: Alarm Feature Request

@Unknown989 wrote:


I need about 8 of them. I won't purchase the alarm system until they come out with them.


I have an 80lb dog, so motion sensers wont work for me. Also, I have casement windows, so entry sensors won't do any good on the style of windows I have.

New Neighbor

Key fob to arm & disarm

Are there any plans to release a key fob to quickly and easily click to arm and disarm the alarm?
Community Manager

Re: Key fob to arm & disarm

Hey @Chipsticks! I've moved your post over to our Alarm Feature Request board as it is not yet a feature, and is great feedback. Keep these requests coming, as we love sharing them with the team! Thank you Smiley Happy 

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