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Alarm Feature Request

New Neighbor

Key Fob accessory

I think it would be really beneficial to add a key fob accessory for quick and easy arm/disarm. Most all other security solutions have this, and it's one feature we wish that Ring offered.

Community Manager

Re: Key Fob accessory

This is a great feature request @dechnik ! I've moved it here with the other Alarm related requests, and will definitely be sharing this with the team. Keep those wishes coming Smiley Happy 

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New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

How about adding a scheduling feature in the app? Say for disarmed and home?

As an example, I could schedule the alarm to turn on home mode from 10pm to 6am. Then from 6am to 10pm, it would switch to disarmed. This way, nobody would forget to manually turn it on, before going to bed. I could see this only working for home and disarmed as the away mode should always be triggered by the app or keypad.

New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

I am coming from an IQ Panel setup via  When ring added support for Z-wave devices, this prompted me to make the switch.  I have 2 request that are not currently supported with ring, while everything else moved over seamlessly from the other system.


  1.  Sensor Notification Schedule - The ability to set a time range that you receive push notifications to your device when a sensor is tripped.  Example:  Have the sensor on my sliding door notify me between the hours of 11PM to 7AM.  I had this set up (IQ PANEL SYSTEM) If for some reason my kids got up at night and ever tried to go outside, it sends a notification.  I have no need to get a notification every time a door opens or closed all day long, so it would be nice to not have to completely disable the notifications, but rather create a schdule.
  2.   Z-Wave Light Switch Schdule - The ability to have the lights that are controlled by a Z-wave swith go ON and OFF to a set schdule through the app.  Its crazy this doesnt exist.  I understand there is a work around to use Alexa to create a routine to do this, but this seems like something that should be available directly through the alarm device itself.
New Neighbor

Re: Alarm Feature Request

Is it possible to add additional sounds to use for contact sensor tripping?  For example "Front Door Opened", "Front Door Closed", etc.  as opposed to just a simple sound.  

New Neighbor II

Re: Alarm Feature Request

This is possible now if you have Alexa devices but not natively supported though the ring alarm.
Converted from Iris. Currently have a ring alarm, doorbell, wired spotlight cam, and waiting on the new ring lighting!
New Neighbor

Feature Request - Always visible status

I would like to have an option on the keypad to always illuminate the alarm status led (disarmed, home, away), even if on battery power. It would be just as useful and use less power if it did this only in one of the armed states.

I want to do this so that my family can more readily see the alarm status without walking all the way across the house. It’s convenient to glance at the keypad before opening a door to walk the dog without setting off the alarm or glancing to see if someone else has set the alarm for the night.

The powered mode provides this experience, but it isn’t always practical to hardwire, or the look of hardwiring might not be desirable in all situations.
New Neighbor

Feature Request - Only record when armed

I would like to have an option for my Ring cameras to only record motion events when the alarm is armed. I want to choose which cameras are included and in which modes the cameras will record motion.

This brings me several benefits that might lead me to buy more cameras. First, from a privacy perspective I’m not interested in recording my family walking the dog, swimming in the pool, grilling dinner, or generally living our life. However, if the alarm is armed and someone comes near those same entrances I definitely want them recorded. I might even put a camera inside if it’s only recording when armed explicitly in away mode. Second, we should save a lot of battery because we won’t be recording ourselves in the act of daily living all the time. When the alarm is armed there will be far fewer events recorded from our routine coming and going leading to longer times between charges and a lower effort experience overall.
New Neighbor II

Re: Alarm Feature Request

****We need the ability to enter in a panic 4-digit distress code that would “disarm” Ring but alert authorities. Most home security systems have this. This should be integrated with Alexa as well so the fake code could be audibly used with Alexa to “disarm” Ring.

Also, as most folks have stated we need to be able to hear chimes through the keypad. Of course folks have to realize this will diminish battery life.

Where is glass breakage sensor’s???

There should be hardwired terminals on the back of the keypads to be able to run off ac if wires are available from a previous system; not Just mini USB
New Neighbor

Re: Security Cams Feature Request (notification sounds)



I would like to be able to set different  sounds for notifications sent to my iPhone from the Alarm app. As of now, when the alarm is set or disabled the sound is the same generic sound of other notifications for 3rd party apps. 


The “Neighbors” settings has options to do this but not the Alarm settings. 


Thank you.