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New mandatory 2 factor authentication

Neighbor II

New mandatory 2 factor authentication

Here is Ring's announcement for the 2 factor authentication being mandatory and some more information.
New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)


Yes can Ring remove the two factor authentication off of my three accounts? I have one account for my parents who have dementia and another for my sister that lives alone. It was perfect to have three separate accounts so that I can turn on the alarm and now I getting hundreds of alerts due to the shared user feature.

Let me confirm you are getting 2 factor authentication emails due to your shared users logging in correct?
Do you have 3 separate accounts under 3 emails?

Ok if you enable the 2 factor authentication in the app

That will override the email authentication request and should make it easier on everyone to log in

How would that work?

If it sends a code to the cell number listed on the account then it's still the same problem.

Oh I misunderstood, I would recommend changing the number or email on the accounts that are not mainly yours because due to recent security updates for us as well as other smart security companies we require that one form of 2 factor identification (either email or SMS) be enabled on every account
There is no way to disable that at this time

The reason I cancelled all of my three accounts with Brinks was because of the access, I am so upset and I cannot believe that I am not given a choice.

There has to be a work around to all of this. Can I stop the alerts for the two accounts if they are shared or do I have to receive all alerts for all shared accounts?

I have been one of Rings biggest supporters and now this has changed my opinion completely.

Can we please escalate this request to someone higher?

Again I apologize for the delay but my supervisor is currently reviewing the conversation he will be taking over now
Hello, This is Brandon. I am a member of the leadership team here at Ring. Izzy mentioned you have some concerns about our 2 Factor Authentication process. How can I be of assistance?
I currently have three accounts with one being my mom and dad's who are 80 with dementia.

I put on their alarm every night and do not have access to my mother's email account. In addition, I do the same for my sister who lives alone. Why didn't I receive a notice that this was going to take place?

I set up shared users but now I am getting alerts for all three accounts which is blowing up my phone and my husband's.

I would appreciate if this 2FA be turned off on my three accounts

I completely understand the concern. I do apologize for any inconvenience. As far as you question about why you weren't notified, we posted on a portion of our site rather than sending out a mass email.
In regard to getting this feature disabled, at this time that is not possible. I can and will send your feedback up about the possibility of getting it turned off in the future.

The reason I chose Ring was because I could monitor all three accounts without having to turn on 2FA.

I just want to be sure you are are aware that the Two Step Verification is only required when logging into the website or app. Once logged into the app you would not need to complete this. This is only to log in.

Yes I know but I log into the app everynight to see if the garage doors are closed and to turn on the alarm as well as mine so that's three accounts every nigjt

I have to log out of my account then log into my mom's and then log out and then log in to my sister's account.

We had a malfunction of one of the smoke alarms connected to Ring and the fire department was there and I if the 2FA were turned on, then it would have taken me forever to see if there was a fire since my sister was in a meeting and didn't have her phone with her.

I wouldn't have access to her email nor did she to obtain the passcode.

If you are logging into each owner account, I would suggest having yourself as the owner of all 3 sets of devices. This will allow you to have 3 separate locations on your ring app and you can just toggle between each to set each system. Then you would not have to log in and out each day. You could then make your parents for example a shared user on their devices.

But then I get all of the alerts on my phone for all three homes.

Yesterday I received almost 100 alerts

You could change the notification settings for each location. You can choose which device you wish to receive notifications from

Show me where I can do that then with have three locations on my phone?

I need to have alerts set up in the event my mom walks out of the front door so my dad can hear the alert.

Can he receive alerts and I don't have to receive them on my phone?

Correct. The way it would work is, the current system there would be removed and you set it back up under your account. This makes you the owner. Our app automatically sorts device by location using the address put in. You could then swap between each by tapping the location name at the top. Inside the settings like you could do now with your alarm you can choose which alerts you want and on each sensor you can choose if you wish to receive alerts. If you add you dad as a shared user to his system, he can then do the same and choose to have front door open/close alerts and you can choose not to.

And then he can log in to his account on his phone? It says that he has to have a ring account to be a shared user.

I don't want alerts from the other two locations.

That is correct. Whichever email you currently use to log into their alarm, he would no use it instead to receive the front door alerts. You would not have to receive alerts from their alarm. Each user can customize their alerts. The only alerts you could not turn off from their alarm is when the siren starts going off.

Please send me instructions on how to set this up and on how to deregister their email addresses and change to mine which I don't think I can.

I need to see this in writing because I do not think this is possible

I can do that, no problem. Would you like those instructions in this chat, sent to you via email or both?

I need to be able to turn off the alarm in the event it is a false alarm or if they cannot get into the house which happens all of the time

Both chat and email. Can you please tell me if there is any way possible to remove this 2FA from my accounts? Do my devices work with any other alarm companies because I am ready to switch.

2FA or 2 Factor Authentication can be turned off, or just not turned on. This is the text message specific one. Two Step Verification which is the email code one cannot be turned off.

Why have two then?

I cannot believe that I spent over $5K on Ring products and the very reason why I switched over is now being implemented

I will get those instructions typed out to you in a moment, however i wanted to offer to either call you now to explain anything over the phone if that would be easier or if you would prefer. I can also call you if you decide to swap the systems over to your account and walk you through that process. If I am not available i can setup a co-worked of mine to do this.

I am at work and do not have time for a call. I am so upset and I am sure that I will not be the only ones because what if you have the app on each of your kids phones? How does that work? Do they each have to have a separate ring account? Shared users have to have a ring account correct? What if they accidentally log out of the app or delete it?

Correct, each shared user does need an email attached to it. It is possible to allow multiple devices to be signed into a single account. For example at any given time I am signed into the app on my phone, ipad and laptop. But you are correct if any of them get logged out, i must use one of the two authentication processes to log back in. I will however be forwarding your concern as a feature request to turn off the authentication.
Please send instructions to my email at __ I will be commenting on the support chat as this is a ridiculous feature and where Ring should have better security measures in its actual coding than having to force this one on its users. Ridiculous.

I was a big fan of Ring. I am so disappointed.

All of the email and sms verifications are great if you are young and technically capable but forget it if you are elderly and not used to using a cell phone or have younger children that need to enter the home if the parents are working.

Absolutely. Not a problem. I do apologize that your view of us has changed. Thank you, I will include that use case in my feedback about this feature.

As if teenagers have their parents email on their iphones to receive a verification code to log back into the app if they accidentally log out. And we all know that parents are at work and do not have time to check email, call or text back kids and give them account password then six digit code to turn off the alarm to get into the house after work.

Seriously who is running this company anyway? Where is the testing for this for all types of situations. Try this one with 80 year olds...I can barely get them to answer the phone but this was a great solution for me to keep them safe and now Ring just messed that one up completely.

I absolutely can. There are several steps to that process, I am putting them together still.

So much for the ease of the system.

Community Manager

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)

Hi neighbor. Two Factor Authentication and Two Step Verification is one of the many steps Ring is taking to bring more security and control to our customers. We’re always looking to increase the security of Ring devices and will continue to innovate on behalf of the customer. However, we will certainly pass along your feedback. Thanks

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New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)

This is going to be an issue with my husband and I. We both monitor our cameras. TFA causes issues as we can only list 1 phone number for text and 1 email address. Is there any way to list 2 or 3 phone numbers for the SMS TFA messages? We would both rather get the message instead of one of us having to call the other for the code. This is what we are having to do now to pay Verizon bills, check bank accounts and accounts that have added TFA without thinking of the multi-user families.

New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication

While I am all for security this 2 factor authentication will create a big hassle factor.  Now if I want to see about an alert I have to open the app, go to the video feed, wait for the code, enter it in, etc..... By the time I do this my house will be robbed. Can't you use FaceID as an additional layer? I am hoping you can make the interface more seemless and less of a hassle. 

New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication

Are you freaking kidding me, I just had to do two-factor authorization twice within 3 minutes to log into my Ring account on my computer and again on the same computer to write this message. 


I don't want two-factor authorization. You should leave it optional. I have zero concern about unauthorized logins to my Ring. I have great concern about the annoyance and inconvenience of two-factor. My husband won't be able to login with two-factor so most likely we'll end up having to take out the doorbell.


It's been bad enough that the videos load so slow, with two-factor this doorbell is less useful than a standard doorbell. How do I get my money back?

New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)

My understanding is that every time I want to see my cameras I will get my usual notification then have to receive a verification code and then type the code in to view the warning from the Ring device. There is already a 10 second delay by the time I can see my cameras now.
I have 8 cameras on line as we speak with several more to be installed soon.
Every time one goes off I will need to use a verification code to view it, then that will delay my seeing who is ringing my door bell or when a potential intruder can be viewed by waiting for the code and then using code. That seems like it negates the idea of using the cameras to monitor the properties. We already have a disturbing delay in getting the signal from the cameras to the point of missing the potential intruder. Now by the time I respond to all of the new "codes" I will have no idea who is at my front door or if the camera was tripped by an intruder or an animal in the yard. I will have missed the entire segment. Do we even need to have two-way speaking capability as the person at my door will have gone by the time I can access the ring warning?
Unless I don't understand the sequence, I can't imagine this will win you any new customers.

Also, the verification code is coming by email instead of by text which will further delay me getting the code.
I understand others have had creepy experiences with someone breaking their codes.
There are different types of user's that have Ring cameras. I do not have cameras pointed into my home as it seems to be an invasion of privacy from my stand point for me and my family, any way.
My use is strictly pointed towards intruders before they enter my residences and therefore, I will miss the segments that are tripped by movement outside my homes.
Have you considered opting in or opting out of the verification codes depending on the individuals needs?
This allows someone like me not to miss someone outside my house without the fear others may have that are using Ring to monitor interior household activity.
Each camera would have the option of wanting the verification code or not.
The responsibility will be with the user not Ring.

Community Manager

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)

The code is only required when you log into you app the first time.  If you don't log out of your phone and use the app consistently you are not prompted for another code on that device unless you log out.  You can also set up your account to use SMS by enabling two factor authentication through Control Center or on you Account page in the App.

Community Manager

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication (THANKS FOR ASKING THE COMMUNITY IF WE WANT THIS FEATURE)

The best solution is to set up each user in your family as a Shared User with their own Ring Account on the cameras to be shared.  2FA is managed for each account so there is no need to share the codes that are only needed on mobile devices for new logins once.  Web access will require more frequent login for security.

New Neighbor

Re: New mandatory 2 factor authentication

This is very heavy handed, simple minded, and annoying, Why can't my login device be remembered, like every other modern two-factor app? I don't need hassle and negativity like this in my life, please fix it ASAP, I am already looking for other alternatives to Ring

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