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Hide or Delete Neighbors Team Post

New Neighbor

Hide or Delete Neighbors Team Post

Installed the Ring Neighbors app and some post can be hidden, others cannot. I've read other post that say you cannot hide / delete News Team post. I have a Neighbors Team post that is over 3 months old - is there a way to hide / delete the post? I have my Incident Map set to past 14 days - all categoies so not sure why I'm seeing post that are older than 14 days.



New Neighbor III

Re: Hide or Delete Neighbors Team Post

I think Hide Post only hides it from you, not others.
I can't Hide my Resolved post/alert from 9/18/2019 even today 11/4/2019, but I see an option for me to Delete it.
I'll leave it there so others who want to know can know what happened in history.