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View Multiple Live Cameras Dashboard

View Multiple Live Cameras Dashboard

Apologies if this has been posted before. Is there any progress on making a view, both in mobile app and on the website, to see live feeds of all your cameras at once? To me, this is THE number one feature I would want. Closed circuit systems have had this ability for probably 50 years, and Nest has done it for years now as well. I appreciate the timeline feature now, as well as the snapshot view of each camera, but for security I think this is one of the MOST necessary features of having a camera setup. An image snapshot is just not sufficient or satisfying, and I would propose that multiple live feeds should be prioritized based on common sense alone. Thanks.

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I also want this feature BADLY. I have all AC powered cameras and Gb internet, battery life and bandwidth is not an issue for me and more and more people are going that way. You REALLY need this to be competitive with Nest and other vendors. 

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This is a must have.  Please make it happen!!

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I came to this forum for this particular feature. My cheap Yi camera set-up has this feature. It's crazy that a much more sophisticated and expensive system does not. 

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Agreed! This is a basic feature for any security system. Please add this functionality ASAP!! I have $1,250 invested in Ring devices, and can only live view one at a time. Disappointing for one of the most popular brand security devices! See additional feedback on this topic in other Ring forum:

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This should be on the top of the list!!

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This is much needed. Ring make this happen!

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This should be a built in feature. Hopefully they add this very soon.


Also, if you haven't already, you will want to vote for this other related request as well which needs only 1 more vote to claim the Number 6th rank on the Top 10 Feature Request List. It's very similar to this request: 


Just follow the URL and click the thumbs up icon C in the upper left corner to vote if you haven't already.


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Would you say that your feature request is identical to this one?


Or, is it not exactly identical?


Because if you agreed that it was identical, we should be able to consolidate the votes and close your request down.


Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App is at 71 votes (6 votes away from the Top 5 List).


If yours could be consolidated into it, we would be able to move up the Top 5 list substantially.


What would need to happen is, of the 26 votes your request has, any that are duplicates would be filtered out and the remaining ones could bump the 71 votes of the other request into the 80's range.











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Thanks for the message. It is a very similar request, and I voted for that request as well. But I think this applies to more than Windows Apps. This feature should be present at least across iOS and Android apps as well for view on phone or tablet. For Nest, I had a tablet setup just to view all cameras at once. I don't think it is a complicated feature besides accounting for streaming bandwidth.


So overall, these two requests could be consolidated in terms of the concept. Ring should just apply it to apps for all platforms.

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"Ring should just apply it to apps for all platforms."




This is where the vote counting becomes complicated. I would like to see the feature for all platforms as well but I would admit that my primary platform choice is Windows and then IOS because I use my Ring cameras more often on my PC than on my tablet and phone, but it is still important for me to view multiple cameras on those devices as well. Some of the voters for the Windows App request also want it for other platforms.


The Request board is brand new (only created in March), so they haven't worked out a great solution to determine the differences between requests which results in the proper number of votes being skewed. Some are exact duplicates, and others are very similar that could be reworded to accomodate both requests.


I think all of these are related enough that if they could be combined and reworded, they would together take the Number 1 position on the list. The number 1 position currently has only 113 votes. The 4 similar Multiple Camera Live View requests have 130 votes before accounting for duplicate voters. If the combined total after removing duplicate voters isn't at least 113, it would be close enough to take the Number 2 location and make number 1 shortly after. Instead, our request will only be at Number 5 soon instead of Number 1 where it belongs because the requests are currently divided.


74 Votes:


26 Votes:


24 Votes:


6 Votes: