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Ring flood sensor to work with Alexa

Ring flood sensor to work with Alexa

Here is a couple of feedbacks for the Ring Flood sensors:

1. for self-monitoring, the alert options are too limited. There are only two ways to be alerted, either through the audio from basestation or an alert for the cellphone. Additionally, The audio volume is pretty low. Unless people are near the basestation, the audio most likely won't be heard immediately. The second alert is through the cell phone, which can be overlooked pretty easily as well.

Water damage can happen pretty quickly if there is a burst pipe. These two ways of alerts can easily be missed initially. At least the audio on the basestation should be more alarming and more frequent so that it can grab the attention if someone is at home (volume should be louder and audio should be played continuously).

2. Additionally, I just learned through hours on the tech support that the flood sensors cannot be detected by Alexa. This is a major drawback on the sensor. I don't understand why motion sensors and contact sensors can work with Alexa, but not flood sensors. This really limits the usefulness of the flood sensors. Hopefully, the software can be updated to support the flood sensor with Alexa.

Hope these features can be added through software updates. This will significantly improve the usefulness of the flood sensor. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks!
New Neighbor

I agree!  The water sensors should be detectable by Alexa so that automatic shut off valves can be activated when a Ring sensor detects a leak.  This would be a MAJORT benefit for customers.

New Neighbor

I agree please allow Alexa integration or provide a compatible water main shutoff