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Outdoor siren

Outdoor siren

Ring should have an outdoor alarm siren that lights up .
Because it’s alright having an alarm inside but if a burglar doesn’t know there is an alarm system inside . they will break either window or door .so then you have to buy a new window or new door . Where as in if the ring system has an outdoor siren that lights up .it warns burglars that there is an alarm system so burglars are less likely to break in the house . There’s plenty of z wave outdoor sirens about but if ring had there own it would also advertise ring aswell .
New Neighbor

Guys you've now redesigned your chime/chime pro... please focus on more water proof outdoor products such as a chime for outdoors. it would be incredibly useful for people with gardens away from the road when they are in them during summer.

New Neighbor II

An outdoor siren ...  needed!!!!

New Neighbor II

Others have been requesting the feature that you are looking for, with some slight variations.  But you can see that you aren't alone! 


If you like the idea for an OUTDOOR SIREN (that can tolerate the outdoor weather) then make your vote be heard by clicking on the all the links below, and then click on the "Thumbs Up" icon on the beginning thread (upper-left side) of the originator's  post request.


More "Thumbs Up" Kudo vote will better get the attention of the Ring Teams.  I apologize for any similar "Feature Board Requests" that I've might have missed.  But if I can miss them, then so can the Ring Teams. 


There are also many similar posts in other Ring forums, but now Ring Teams look for request here in the "Feature Board Request" forum, and so I did not include those other too numerous links.   I just linked only "Feature Board Requests."


Let's all mass together our Kudo votes & efforts for an Outdoor Siren!   

















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New Neighbor

I too would like to see an outdoor siren available. This would act as a deterrent more than anything. Most other security alarm systems out there have one, it lets the potential burglars know that the house is actually alarmed! I don't think the small "ring protected" sticker you get to stick on a window is enough! 😂

New Neighbor

Agreed.  The internal alarm is not loud enough for anyone external to the house to hear and can easily be disabled.  I am impressed by many aspects of this integrated security system, but not having an external siren is a major gap.  At least link it to the external floodlight. Thanks.