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Open sensor notification

Open sensor notification

Need push notification for sensor left open for a user set amount of time.
New Neighbor

This is a must. For people with pets, a door not closing all the way and getting pushed open is a huge issue. Having a notification on every open is too much noise. We need a separate ability to just have a notification after something (anything) is left open for a long duration. This should be possible in any mode (armed or disarmed). 

New Neighbor

I don't understand your request.

As for comment @mjhubbad 

Devices > Alarm Base Station > Sensors > Name > Mode Settings 

New Neighbor II


I think you missed the point.  To clarify,  @richardcouch11 and  @mjhubbard  want a new sensor setting.  They want a TIme-Delay for when they receive message (Notification) or hear a Alert/Chime sound.   Currently, you can set a Notification and/or Alert/Chime sound, ON or OFF, for either when the sensor "Opens" or "Closes" ... but the key point is, if you select ON this occurs immediately.


For example .  .  .  suppose you have a Door Contact Sensor settings configured with both the Notification "ON' and Alert/Chime Sound "ON", for both when the door Opens and Closes.  Then when someone opens the  door you immediately get a notification and a sound.  And then when the door closes, you again immediately get a notification and a sound.  This repeats again every time the door is open and closed .  .  .  over and over and over again.  UGH.  If the door is frequently used, it's going to drive you crazy. 


I think the Time-Delay feature would be used like this.  Suppose, if this feature was available with a 10 second delay.  Then when the door opens, the Alarm Base Station starts a Timer but does not immediately send a  notification nor sound until 10 seconds passes.  But if the door is closed before the 10 seconds have expired, the timer just resets, and there will be NO notifications/sounds at all, ever!  This Timer-Delay would enable people to travel through the doorway without any notifications or sounds, as long as the open/close cycle is completed under 10 seconds.  But suppose the door does remains open longer than 10 seconds?  In this case, both the notification and sound will occur once 10 seconds have elasped.


If this Time-Delay feature was available, you would avoid the constant notifications and sounds from normal typical use of the door.  But you would still be notified if the door is accidentally left open.


Now, of course the base station still gets the sensor-signal immediately, for use in Armed Alarm Modes.  Just you only get notified or hear the sound, after the 10 second timer has elapsed.  This way, the typical daily travel won't drive you crazy, but you still would know if the door is accidentally left open (via notification and sound). 


New Neighbor

I want to get alerts for 3 distinct states: Door opened, door closed, and door left open for a defined period of time.  This is for a sensor that is not set to arm during home or away arming. The use case is a safe.