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Notification of camera offline

Notification of camera offline

It would be nice to be notified if a camera (or doorbell) is offline, like Ring does with the alarm system.  Would not need to be instant (I get the load issues), maybe a periodic ping to the camera every so often.  One other way to do it could be for cameras set to upload periodic snapshots, if they quit coming.  I am sure Ring can find a way to do this.  Just so we would know if an installed camera has gone offline.

New Neighbor

I completely agree. It should be implemented immediately. 

New Neighbor

Yes! Their entire system is dumb. It's a security system!! Don't you think your customer would like to know when the security system components aren't connected or having issues??!!  Wake up Ring!!

New Neighbor

I would really like to see this feature in my camera 

New Neighbor

Definitely need this feature asap. It' can't be that hard to implement. 

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100% Agree with everyone.


Just discovered my Ring Doorbell 3 Pro had been offline for the last 2 days with no notification to my account that there was a problem. (Fixed with a battery out and back in 86% btw)


This ability needs to be added ASAP.

I get notifications instantly if my ring alarm looses power or its ethernet internet connection. Why can't my doorbell or cameras do this.


Is there a way we can flag this with ring directly, a feature request or bug report page. 

New Neighbor

I totally agree that we need this.


As a workaround for now, I have my TP Link mesh system alert me when any of my Ring cameras go offline.


You can see if your router has any alerting features to tide you over until Ring adds this basic and important feature.

New Neighbor

Hey Ring Execs,


Go hire Nest developers to help you with this.  Nest has been able to notify you when a camera is down since they were Dropcam.  Seriously considering changing to the Nest Hello and replacing all my Echo shows with Google Nest Hubs.  


I have to keep my Nest cameras facing the front door because i can't trust the Ring equipment.  Sad.

Very Annoyed seeing my Ring Doorbell down for another day without me knowing.