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Mode Expansion

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Mode Expansion

Hello Ring Community,  Because of the way motion detection and smart lighting work together a this time I need 4 modes to control my Ring system.  These are:

1. "Disarm", as you would expect, everything completely disarmed, i.e., no motion detection, no notifications, no motion recording.

2. "Home - Minimum", Doorbell detects ring only, after dark cameras detect motion to trigger light groups only, no notification, no motion recording.

3. "Home - Max" All outdoor sensors detect motion, send notifications and record motion

4. "Away" All outdoor and all indoor sensors detect motion, send notifications and record motion.

At present I'm not able to achieve this without many, many (>20) mouse clicks to toggle between these states.  If there currently is an easy way to do this please let me know.

I hope you find this suggestion helpful.

Thank you