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Local storage

Local storage

my area is seeing bandwidth issues, with everyone staying at home.. I want a local DVR that uploads to ring after it does it work, setup with modes, or different cams upload in different ways. also the ring app needs to be able to view from the dvr, before going to ring servers.

I want to be able to buy a local storage device.  The device cache my video when my internet is down or my internet is slow. The device would also cache 1tb of videos so my app could play them with speed when there is bandwidth issues. The device would still upload to ring, just in a different way. For example, my out door cams could upload to both right away, but my indoor cams only upload to ring depending on my alarm mode or time of day. Eventually all data would still be uploaded.

How will this help the consumer:

  It will make ring work faster at homes and businesses.

  No more latency issues causing sound and video issues.

  No downtime due to internet outages.

  Less impact on bandwidth when motion is detected or when reviewing the last 1tb of videos.


How will this help ring:

  A device to sale creates revenue.

  Using locally stored video, has less backhual/work for ring servers.

  Less client downtime, when ring has outages, means more client satisfaction.

  Possible throttling bandwidth if setup with modes or only sending motion to ring.

  Coding could also happen locally, creating less of an impact on ring servers.


New Neighbor

Yup, after finding out I can't add this video doorbell camera to my NVR, I'll be returning my Ring Pro!

New Neighbor

Please add this or onvif

New Neighbor

Please ad RTSP functionality, as it is pretty useless beside the strict app usage. Thanks.

New Neighbor

Please add...The fact that this hasn't been added or at least projected is somewhat disappointing.  I'd gladly pay my yearly sub cost, to be able to access the data myself when my internet is down.

New Neighbor

Just so you know, we have choices where we spend out security dollars and RING will not be one of those places due to locking the camera streams down. i booted xFinity for lack of compatibility, if your concern is it opens your security model then offer a choice of open use or secured use so that those of us that want to not use the cloud for every thing can, local control is our goal and with out it im afraid i will have to return my ring items or sell them to some one who does not care about local control. i hesantly agree that i would pay the cloud fee as long as i was able to direct connect to my blue iris system