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Local storage

Local storage

my area is seeing bandwidth issues, with everyone staying at home.. I want a local DVR that uploads to ring after it does it work, setup with modes, or different cams upload in different ways. also the ring app needs to be able to view from the dvr, before going to ring servers.

I want to be able to buy a local storage device.  The device cache my video when my internet is down or my internet is slow. The device would also cache 1tb of videos so my app could play them with speed when there is bandwidth issues. The device would still upload to ring, just in a different way. For example, my out door cams could upload to both right away, but my indoor cams only upload to ring depending on my alarm mode or time of day. Eventually all data would still be uploaded.

How will this help the consumer:

  It will make ring work faster at homes and businesses.

  No more latency issues causing sound and video issues.

  No downtime due to internet outages.

  Less impact on bandwidth when motion is detected or when reviewing the last 1tb of videos.


How will this help ring:

  A device to sale creates revenue.

  Using locally stored video, has less backhual/work for ring servers.

  Less client downtime, when ring has outages, means more client satisfaction.

  Possible throttling bandwidth if setup with modes or only sending motion to ring.

  Coding could also happen locally, creating less of an impact on ring servers.


New Neighbor

I would also pay for this feature RTSP is key for any CCTV system. It's also industry standard and your product is being replaced in the market with cameras that support this feature.

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Having the ability to stream the video locally rather than via the internet would be a huge benefit for me. It currently takes too long for me to answer the doorbell video due to the time it takes to connect. By the time it does connect (If it actually gets there) who-ever pressed the button is long gone!


I'd also like to be able to record video locally in the event of an internet outage since the doorbell does not have any local storage.

New Neighbor

Yes please add this option even if it's only for paying subscribers. 

New Neighbor
While home on my own wifi, if I go to stream live video from my cameras it currently has to go to Ring's cloud and back which sometimes takes too long. I can't quickly retrieve live video, it's 15-20 seconds wait everytime and no reason for this. It should be programmed to recognize I'm on the same wifi and locally stream across my own network. While on the same wifi, it should connect to the cameras API directly. If this feature was enabled or setup correctly, it would allow me to automate more things within my house with other smart products.
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This is a huge shortcoming of Ring.  It will take me time to migrate away from Ring due to my investment and my wife is not happy about this but it is necessary in order to actually state that I have a home security system.  Very disappointing.

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This hurricane showed us how useless Ring is without internet. I need local storage!

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I'd like to see Ring to support ONVIF and RTSP.

It would be helpful if have someone from Ring let us know where they stand on providing this capability.

New Neighbor

It does not hurt to have multiple types of systems. RTSP would be great but also having videos in the cloud is good too. I have a combo of 4k cameras and ring all integrated into my alarm. you cannot come onto either of my properties without getting captured on 4k and Ring. I think it really stinks that in this day and age Ring/Amazon does not allow you to see your video except in the substandard app. I have also been noticing that I am getting my events late. so it really sucks to be down the road then think someone just came up to your door and it ends up being you leaving the house. Come on Amazon/Ring you can do better.

New Neighbor

Can someone from Ring confirm or deny if this is on the roadmap or not so us consumers can stop wasting our time with your products?

New Neighbor

Indeed for a device costing 200 EURO's it should be made available. 

I' m also considering giving up my RING device and install a device with "open" protocols. I now am also have a subscription to their cloud service. 

I will never buy RING products again.