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Glass break sensor

Glass break sensor

It would be great to have an actual glass break sensor for the alarm system. It’s a real short coming of the ring alarm system that otherwise is a very good system. I do not wish to use an echo to listen for glass break sounds. A dedicated glass break sensor that is fine tuned to the sounds of breaking glass and can pick up the shock waves from glass breakage would be a much better solution
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Need to get a glass break sensor. Other systems have it. It will make you money.  Don't understand the lack of development.

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What is wrong with Ring. You can make a flying drone that no one asked for but you can't make a glass break sensor or an external siren. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the all ring products and replacing them with alternatives.

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The lack of glass break sensors is a huge gap in any security system.

Honestly, this has gotten ridiculous. An indoor drone before glass break sensors? And a car alarm that can sense “bumps, break-ins, tow-aways, and more”... seriously? 

On the off chance that anyone at ring is actually listening, please, find a way to get this done or integrate a third party option. Your system is not complete without a glass break sensor.


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Ring? Hello? Anyone there? Look what your competition sells! We NEED glass break sensors. Why don't you listen to your customers? A flying drone and no glass breake sensors? Seriously?!? Your system is a complete joke without it

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Ring, please get your act together and release a glass break sensor that is finely tuned and designed specifically for the purpose of detecting glass breakage noise. Your competitors offer these devices. It is crazy that Ring does not despite years of requests to do so.

We do not want to use Amazon echo devices that won't even work in Home mode and won't automatically notify the professional monitoring center when it detects a glass break noise. This is not a viable solution.

Homes are at risk because you are not offering this device, especially ones that advertise with signs that they are "Protected by Ring" giving potential burglars and home invaders all the information they need on how to circumvent the system when they know people are home.

I purchased a Ring system months ago not realizing that this was an unsupported feature. Now I'm beginning to regret it.

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@Boone Thank you for your help and insight here! I've merged together those threads into this master thread. Smiley Happy 

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The main reason I want a glass break sensor is to protect the house while I'm sleeping.


In Away mode, the Ring motion sensors would catch anyone that breaks a window to get in, but in Home mode, which I use when I'm asleep so that I can get up for water/the bathroom/whatever without setting off the alarm, the motion sensors are off so anyone that shatters a glass windor or door could get inside without tripping the alarm.


I do have cameras and lights outside as a deterrent, but the lack of a glass break sensor would still make a "smash and grab"-type break-in doable, and it simply isn't feasible to stick contact sensors on every pane of glass as a stopgap.


Ring is a great system but this is a pretty glaring hole in it. I would gladly buy one or two glass break sensors if Ring came out with them. Most of Ring's competitors offer one, so I can't imagine why it's so difficult for Ring to find an OEM to make one for a reasonable price.

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I agree.   With crime rising, there are more car break ins than ever.    The lack of this feature alone has me searching for a system that does offer the glass-breaking alert.   

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What's the thought of placing the magnet part of a window sensor on the glass rather than on the window frame. Since it can be up to 1 inch away from the sensor.  If they break the glass the magnet will fall causing the alarm to sound, if they open the window it will also alarm.....just a thought. 

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Thanks @RingUser20 for that link. I hadn't heard of that company before but they have a better selection of sensors than Ring with most of them available in the UK. 


Would be annoying to have to swap my Ring equipment but the lack of updates on some heavily requested features is making me consider changing.