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Floodlight light schedule

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Floodlight light schedule

Hi all. I have a floodlight setup and working well. I'd like to disable the floodlight on the camera late at night so that it's not switching on and off with motion over night. 

I know this sounds counter productive but the night time recording actually works well without the lights. 

I want the lights to come on with motion up to 22:30 but then stay off for all motion until 06:30. This means that the lights can still operate with motion if it's dark enough. 

I see there is a light schedule it I suspect this will simply turn the light on and leave it on until the schedule ends? I'm looking for this setting but with the motion feature. 


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New Neighbor

I too wish this feature to be enabled, I would just like to pause the light if we're sitting in the garden in the evening.