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Custom Alerts/Chirp Sounds selections

Custom Alerts/Chirp Sounds selections

It seems many of us want more Alert/Chirp sounds to choose from.  Different sounds would make it easy to listen and immediately know which Ring device is activated.  But instead of having Ring pick additional sounds for us, would it be possible to add an alert/chirp sound called "Custom" and then provide a method for the user to "Import" a sound file into this custom slot?


Even better, provide "Custom 1", "Custom 2", and Custom 3", etc.  That way the user could import several different sounds according to their specific needs. 


There are plenty of Sound Files that can be downloaded free off the Internet.  And you could even make your own sound file or voice-recording file too!  Instead of just "Motion at your Front Door", you'd be able to make "Back door is open", or "Motion at your Backyard Cam."


I bet some people wound make some funny/unique sound files to use as their custom alert/chirp sounds!


What do you think?

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For more background information on this topic, click this link:

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Many of us are all requesting new voice or Alert/Chirp sounds.


Instead of having Ring pick the additional voice announcements (or Alert/Chirp sounds) for us, would it be possible to add a new Alert/Chirp sound selection, called "Custom" . . .  and then also provide a method for the user to "Import" a sound file into this Custom slot on each device/sensor/doorbell? 


Different 'Sound Files' can obtained off the Internet.  And you could even make your own sound voice-recording file too!  You could then Import tailored voice-recordings, such as:  "Someone is Ringing your Backdoor Doorbell", or "Motion in your Living-room", or "Your Side Door is open", or "Motion at your Backyard Cam."  I bet some people wound make some funny voice-recordings, like "Welcome Home Your Highness" for your door sensor chirp.  The point is, having an added new 'Custom' feature could provide endless Alert/Chirp choices!


Although some people workaround this utilizing the Amazon Echo that can provide this ability, but I would prefer a "Custom" Alert/Chirp selection listed right along with the other choices of 'Windchimes, Harp, etc.', all in the Ring App.   Additionally, I'm resistant to having an Echo in my house, because the idea of something listening to everything in my house I still find a bit too creepy for me (I've disabled "Listening" abilities of my other high-tech devices in my house).  You can see that this could be distinctive aubible Chirps to know which Door, and which DoorBell, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor, and Video Camera too.


Now, if you think this "Custom" Alert/Chirp option (with Import capability) would be nice to have, click on link below and click the Thumbs Up Icon.  Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to incorporate the Feature Request.  There are quite a few similar posts requesting either wanting larger Alert/Chirps selections, or more Voice announcements.  Hopefully this "Custom" option would meet everyone's needs.



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Can't find thumbs up button so hope LOVE the idea. We had an option once.  I think it was part of the original Ring Chime and network extender application..

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  , In this Ring "Feature Request Board" forum, the 'Thumbs Up" blue button/Icon is located at the upper-left-corner of the originator's first posting of the idea (very beginning of the thread), so you may have to scroll back to the beginning.  Of the 9 Product topic forums, the 'Feature Request Board" is the only forum room set up this way.  
Thanks for the kind words!  Smiley Happy  
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i agree. they need to have some more options as the options available are kind of lame. i wanted some holiday ones as well!

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We are now up to three cameras.  My wife says to me, you need to make the chime sound differently for each camera.  The tone was "why didnt you set it up correctly".  I told her I looked for this when setting it up, but its not possible.  She said "well thats just a flaw in the system then"  I don't want to argue with my wife, but she's right - this is an obvious feature which should be included in the system.  My 12 year old was like - that should be a pretty easy software change.  He's right too, assuming its structured correctly, the chime should know which camera is being activated and therefore should be able to pick a unique sound.  So Ring, whats the problem - just add this simple feature and make your customers happy. 

New Neighbor II

Hello @abittman ,   


To clarify, you do have a limited selection of different available "App Alert Tones" or "Chirp Alert" sounds that you can use for your three cameras.  Your three cameras don't have to sound the same on your Ring App


But if you are referring to the sound on a Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro device, then yeah, you are stuck with only one sound emanating out of that chime device for all three cameras. 


But as for the sounds coming from your Ring App, you have three cameras and there are more than three Tones available.  In my case, I have more cameras than there are total selection choices.  So I would like the Custom App Alert Tones/Chirp sounds in order not to be limited by the current selections.


For you Ring App sounds, you can change your three camera sounds by going to main menu > Devices > select a camera > scroll to and then select Device Settings (the Gear Icon) > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones > and then make your choice for which sound & volume you would like to assign to that camera.  This Alert sound will be heard on your App, and if you have a Ring Alarm system it also would be heard on your Base Station and Keypad.


In my case, I have more cameras than available sounds selections, so I prefer the "Custom Request" option.  Currently I have my multiple cameras on the west-side all assigned as "Cowbells" and my multiple east-side are all barking "Dogs."  So at least I can hear which side of the building the motion is on, but I can't tell which exact individual camera sounding.  I have to look and read the 'push' text Notification on my App to determine which camera it is.


But with your three cameras, you should be able to make three different sound choices for your Ring App, one for each camera.  I hope this helps you  Smiley Happy




New Neighbor

I have multiple Ring doorbells: One at my house, one at Mom's  house, one at a second home, one of my girlfriend's house. I would like to record custom alert sounds that simply say "Someone's at Mom's front door," "Motion at your apartment front door," etc. This would be much more direct and much simpler than trying to decode which doorbell is being activated based on the beep or chirp or whatever. As it stands, I have to remember that my own front door is the ping-pong sound and mom's Front door is some other beep (which actually I can't remember right now).