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Arm/Disarm on schedule base for weekend and weekday

Arm/Disarm on schedule base for weekend and weekday

Really very disappointed after moving from ADT to Ring and this feature doesn't exist, I have one more thing to worry about every night now to arm stay before going to bed.

and disarm in the morning. 
Can you please add it??? I don't think it is that complicated. all other alarm companies offer that.

New Neighbor

I agree. I know I can use an amazon routine to set this but the only option is to arm away. Amazon guard uses different terms and does integrate seemlessly with ring. I wish there was a simple way to schedule this every night so I didn't have to remember or come up with some crazy linked automations with 2 other services. 

New Neighbor

Agreed this is a missing feature that I assumed was available within the app/system...was disappointed to find it's not.