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Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm

Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm

It would be very useful and handy if there was a feature to sound the siren on all the installed camera’s and alarm within one location. I have multiple cameras and have always thought that it would be good to have a feature to turn on all the sirens simultaneously if needed to alert neighbours of a issue or scare someone away.
New Neighbor

I too would like to see an outdoor siren available. This would act as a deterrent more than anything. Most other security alarm systems out there have one, it lets the potential burglars know that the house is actually alarmed! I don't think the small "ring protected" sticker you get to stick on a window is enough! 😂

New Neighbor

Another upvote.  This should already be a feature.  It's a common sense sort of thing.  Please add this long overdue feature.  

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Absolutely agree - a must have to really enhance security

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Just set up my new ring alarm at the weekend and really like it. I can see how it is useful for the alarm to link to your other cameras and lights but the one thing I wish it did was link to the sirens on my other devices. The only sirens that goes off when the alarm is triggered are inside and from outside my house they aren't very loud but if I could link the alarm to sirens on my outside devices this would then make a lot more noise alerting neighbors around my house meaning the authorities may get notified faster if I'm unable to check my notifications or anwser my phone for some reason. Please add this feature.
New Neighbor

I've got my base station fairly well hidden, but would like to do more.  I turned the LED ring lighting adjusted down to nothing, but noted in my research that it still comes on full brightness if the alarm is activated.  Why!  That just tells an intruder where it is.  It's still going to send out an alarm signal to monitoring, but the intruder is still going to destroy the unit trying to get it to shut off.  Please give us the option of completely disabling the LED ring under all circumstances.  Thanks!

New Neighbor
When the alarm is triggered and the siren sounds then I can linked devices to also trigger my cameras. What would be great is if I could also link devices and trigger my 4 chimes distributed over my house to also sound a siren until the main siren is addressed. This would be beneficial for two reasons

1. make it more difficult for an intruder to silence all the devices making a siren noise

2 the siren would be heard all over the house now just where the base station is installed. I live in a 3 story large house and if I’m at the back of the house the siren noise is not very loud, if it triggers the chimes as well that would be awesome !!!!

The chimes are always plugged in so power should not be an issue !

Please implement this feature to enhance the kit users have already invested in

Thanks Ring 😁👍
New Neighbor II

The Ring Teams notice the requests with a large number of "Thumbs-up" votes.  You are NOT alone in wanting this feature.  This and variations of this idea are already on the Feature Request Board.  Make your voice be heard and add your "Thumbs-up" vote to these links by clicking on the Thumbs-up Icon that is on the left side of the author's initial beginning post (I've probably missed a few similar links) :


Submitted by WesleyAldred :


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UNITE and  Thumbs-up VOTE!  Get Ring Team's Attention!   Smiley Happy

New Neighbor
When ring alarm is alarming, there should be a feature where all floodlight cams sound their sirens until the alarm is disarmed. The alarm should also activate a siren on ring chimes. Also, since ring is connected to Amazon echo, it should be able to sound a siren on echo devices too.
New Neighbor

Spotlight cam and stick up cam both have a siren that can be initiated via a user in the app, yet can't be integrated with the ring alarm. This should happen!

New Neighbor II



It would be nice if a moderator for Ring Community could merge these threads together, rather than having and voting on multiple requests.


Just looking at the links Boone has posted there are 256 votes, with 1 thread having 116 votes.


As with all other feature requests we have no idea what the status is.

I did have a new feature request, to be able to view the status of our feature requests Smiley Happy