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24/7 Continuous Recording

24/7 Continuous Recording

In today's world, anything can happen. Nest and other security companies have a feature that implements 24/7 recording via the cloud, base station, or micro sd card. I've seen online that people will not choose a ring camera because it does not offer record 24/7. Motion detection on Ring devices may miss something or an event is out of their view. My neighbor's house got their car broken into. Since they are across the street the motion detection did not capture what happened to their car. 24/7 recording would have helped and shown what happened.  Customers can subscribe to the Ring protect plan to receive the 24/7 recording. Also, customers who are already subscribed will have the option to enable continuous recording. Continuous 24/7 recording will allow more reasons to choose the Ring ecosystem. 

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This would be very useful. I love the Ring cameras but that's the only feature that is missing. I really want this feature to be added. It would be another reason for people to chose Ring.

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I just called to request this exact feature and then came here and saw the same request!


It would be super useful as sometimes  there's an event that is not caught in time.


In fact, the whole reason that I bought the Ring was to deter or catch some kids that would frequently knock on my door and be gone by the time I could get out there. It was triggering my startle response from severe PTSD. You can imagine the added frustration from buying and setting up the Ring and having it effectively be useless for the intended purpose.


Finally today the camera caught them but only just as they were about to scooter off.  Lucky for me, they scootered past my house again a few minutes later and I was able to confront the kid that stopped when I called after him and I was able to explain why it was mean and asked him to stop.


The fact that it took another 5-10 additional instances of this for the Ring to finally catch it in time, gives me little faith that other more sinister events would be caught on camera.


Development team, if you're reading this, please add a 24/7 record and storage feature that will save continuous video for at least 24 hours so that it captures any events, not just the ones after motion is detected or the doorbell is rang.  And if you  do elect to help us with this feature, please have it save for at least 24 hours or more before being overwritten, in case we're not able to download the footage quickly.


Thank you.

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I really want this too. I am very tempted to go to the Nest IQ camera, just for that feature alone. The recordings are not always spot on or quick enough to capture everything.


Devs, hook us up!

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Following and hope to have this feature soon! 

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I'm following this as well. I have had multiple instances recently where 24/7 recording would have caught things in the neighborhood but missed out due to the Intruders not going into my motion zones.      


  My neighbors with Nest cameras are utilizing 24/7 recordings where I can not. This feature is desperately needed for Ring 

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Yes, this would be very useful. Ive miss a few events that have occured outside of the sensor zones. Im willing to pay extrat for this feature, since probably $3 or $10 a month wouldnt be worth it to the company. 

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I currently pay for Nest Subscription to have this feature. If Ring would add this, I would cancel nest and be fully on Ring with Cameras, Alarm and Doorbell.  

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This is another much needed, basic feature that should be intergrated within the Ring ecosystem that will not be implemented due to the fact that Ring does not want clients live streaming multiple cameras 24/7 due to cloud storage limitations/bandwidth.


Feature Suggestion:

Change the subscription model into different tiers. Create a high-end tier charging $xxx/year to increase cloud storage capacity/bandwidth that allows multiple camera, unlimited 24/7 Live View/recording without the 10 minute live view timeout. Implement the feature/option for Ring Desktop App Live View to record/save the live view session locally instead of to the cloud.


The more I keep researching Ring the more I am realizing the Ring ecosystem has geared itself for the basic grandma grandpa, mom and pop, false sense of security type of consumers. It is obvious the Ring is not gearing itself towards the actually consumers that want a full fledge, multi camera security platform.


Between the 10min limit on the desktop Live View timeout and the huge blunder of no Live View for multiple cameras I am starting to see who the Ring ecosystem is catering towards.


Not to mention other issues that I have like there not being visible time, date and current bandwidth when viewing live view.


HOWEVER, without eliminating the 10 minute timeout when viewing live view this feature of viewing multiple cameras on desktop live view is a useless as the Ring ecosystem as an actual full fledged security system.


The main issue here is not just Rings inabilty to listen to the loyal consumer, the real issue is us the consumer buying into a closed source system thinking we have any control over our personal security.


I bought into the idea of seemless intergration with Alexa, Ring and Lutron but a DIY IP Installation is the best solution for many of us.


My 2k+ Prime Day purchase might be headed back to Amazon. 

New Neighbor

I agree with the comment from 1eyeopen. Some of us understand it costs more to record more, but some of us would be willing to pay a bit more for it. I am all for 24/7 recording, but I would additionally recommend to keep the motion sensor notifications with that, and have the notifications show up on the timeline like you do now. That way we can kind of narrow down to smaller windows instead of having to scroll through the entire day. 

New Neighbor

This would be amazing. As it is I am thinking about picking up some cameras from another company so I have this feature.