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2 Basic Alarm Features that all Traditional Alarms Have

2 Basic Alarm Features that all Traditional Alarms Have

I've been using Ring Alarm for a year and a half and being that I was looking for support this morning on another question I had to make an account so I came here to drop in my $0.02.


1) The ability to silent arm/disarm

2) The ability to arm (with silent) "Home and Armed" and then have a delay before it is armed so I can leave.


So I'm sure I'm not alone.  I leave the house at 5:30am.  The rest of the family is sleeping and home.  Before my new home, and of course my Ring Alarm install I had a traditional alarm and I could easily every morning: Silent Disarm, Silent Arm Home, Open the door, and leave.  No announcements of "Home and Armed" and I didn't have to wait on the way out to connect my app and stop to use that to arm etc.  I'm at the keypad, I should be able to perform just that with ease.

New Neighbor II

This sounds like this a “Hot Idea”  .  .  .  with a similar post in the Ring Alarm forum with over 5, 400 views!   😉


New Neighbor

Please add this feature! It's the thing I miss most about my old alarm system! Thank you very much for posting this.

New Neighbor



It is really annoying to manually turn the volume down every night and morning when arming and disarming. 


PLEASE is not that difficult