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Solar panel keeps disconnecting

New Neighbor

Solar panel keeps disconnecting

I have a spotlight cam that I added a solar panel to. It will randomly change from “connected” to telling me to add a solar panel to “extend battery life.” I know it’s not charging all that great so I’m assuming it’s doing it a lot. The directions show to screw the plug on but my plug looks like a regular jack. There’s no way to screw it in. How can I keep it from disconnecting? Or why does it disconnect, then reconnect again? When it’s “connected,” it seems to charge fine, but it disconnects way too often to be effective.
Community Manager

Re: Solar panel keeps disconnecting

Hi @shiestyho. Does the physical plug from the Solar Panel become disconnected from your Spotlight Cam? Or does the Ring App state that it is not charging? About how many hours of direct sunlight does the Solar Panel receive each day? I'd also recommend unplugging the Solar Panel, ensuring there is no dirt or debris on the plug or the Solar Panel itself, and then reconnecting it. 

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