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Ring chime won't connect to the internet

Community Manager

Re: Ring chime won't connect to the internet

Hey neighbors! I see you've covered most of the bases to get your chimes connected. I recommend checking for special characters in network information as well as trying on a guest network. Check out our help center article for more information on wifi passwords.


If you are still experiencing this concern, our support team will be happy to troubleshoot more in-depth with you.

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New Neighbor

Re: Ring chime won't connect to the internet

Well of this was a known issue, why was this product released without proper testing & research? If we hadn’t had all had the same problems, we wouldn’t be here. It’s because there’s no solution as of yet to how to get this $30 piece of technology to function as well as it’s worth, or even at all. There is no easy fix, we are all stumbling through trouble shooting steps; over and over, until we end up here. Dear powers that be.. all we want is a straight forward response! Foremost, how do you intend to remedy this problem? Second, when should we hope for the functionality & ease of use we thought to expect when we purchased your products in the 1st place!