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How do you know if your solar panel is working?

New Neighbor

Re: How do you know if your solar panel is working?

I called Ring support a few weeks ago - just a few weeks before my 1 year warranty expired.  I told them about my issue.  They confirmed the panel was not working properly ( I guess they can also see the alerts I receive when my battery power is low and needs to be charged).  They said since I am still under warranty they will exchange my panel for a new one.  I asked if they made any changes to due to problems with the panel.  I was told there are no known issues but will glady change mine since it is under warranty.  I swapped out the old panel for the new one - I also noticed that the output on the new panel is slightly higher than the old panel.  From my point of view that can only help with my situation.


The app does is not have any useful indicator that tells you the panel is fully functional and is actively charging the battery.  The only way to determine this is to note the current power level and hope it increases.  That is what I did.  The battery was at 92% when I attached the new panel and has successfully charged to 100% (once I had a sunny day and relatively low activity).  So I would say my panel is working but not certain, at this point, if the panel can keep the battery charged under high usage.


I would recommend anyone with solar panel issues contact support and if it is still under warranty, request a replacement.  Check to see if it has a higher output than your old one.  If I remember correctly, my power output was 2.2 W and the new no one is 2.4 W.  Also, the panel comes with another 1 year warranty.


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