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Chime blinking blue word "ring"

New Neighbor

Chime blinking blue word "ring"

The word "ring" is blinking blue at the bottom of the wireless plug-in chime.  The rapid blinking continues day after day.  The chime is connected to two Ring Pro doorbells, and each doorbell properly rings the chime.  If I unplug the chime, and replug it in, the word "ring" changes from blinking to solid blue.  But after a day or so, it is blinking once again.

Should this be blinking?  Should something be done so that the illumination is only continuous blue?

Community Manager

Re: Chime blinking blue word "ring"

Hi @JimNorthWales! The blue blinking is usually an indicator that the Chime is in setup mode, or attempting to connect to the network. The best first step will be to ensure this Chime is close, or within reasonable range, to your wifi router. Please also ensure it is not placed somewhere with high interference, such as in a kitchen or garage.


Once sufficient signal is confirmed, the next best step will be to ensure the plug outlet is securely holding the Chime, and that it is not loose or hanging. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy 

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