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Chime Schedule

New Neighbor

Chime Schedule

Is there a way to set a chime Schedule? I know you can set a motion schedule, but I still want to receive notifications, just avoid the doorbell going off at speficic times? For example set a schedule every day for the kids bedtime, this will avoid the kids being woken by the doorbell?
Community Manager

Re: Chime Schedule

Hi @rgpmanning. Through the Ring app, you have the option to snooze the Chime whenever you'd like. You can do this under the main menu in the app > Devices > Chime > Chime Snooze. This cannot be set to a schedule, but instead of duration. Additionally, you may be able to try an Alexa routine to try to snooze the Chime  during certain times, and it's worth giving a try if you have an Alexa with the Ring skill. For the schedule in the Ring app, I've passed on your feedback to the appropriate team! Cat Happy

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