Zones can no longer be turned off and on in iOS app

I used to be able to turn zones on and off. This was especially useful for the floodlight camera that I have on my driveway as I would turn on an extended zone when I was expecting something in the mail, but turn it off otherwise to avoid alerts due to cars driving on my cul-de-sac. There is no longer the option to turn zones on and off in my iOS app. I would have to delete the extended zone and then add it back if I want to use it the way I have been. I don’t understand why Ring would remove this great feature? Just to be sure it wasn’t an issue on my side I deleted and re-installed the Ring app, but I get the same results. Below is a screen shot showing my two zones but no option to turn them on/off.

I have many wired and battery operated cameras around my house and this behavior is true for all of them. It isn’t limited just to my driveway flood camera.

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I really miss that feature too. We used it in back yard because of the dog going out during the day. I also found it harder to adjust the zones than it use to be