Zones and unwanted alerts

Hi, I have just installed the Stick up cam wired but have 2 issues which I hope someone could help with please. First one, I have set the zones to cover just my drive (please see pic), however it seems to be picking up cars driving past and sending an alert. I have tried all the sensitivity settings, I have moved the zone back slightly from my boundary but still getting the unwanted alerts. Can anyone offer any advice please? I’ll create a second topic for the other issue.

Hi @Davyboy16. We’ve created this Help Center article here that has some great tips and tricks for customizing your Motion Zones. One thing that I’ve tried that has worked well, is instead of one large zone, create maybe 2-3 zones that cover the same area. I found that long rectangles work great for detecting motion. Let me know if this helps!

Thank you for your reply. Do you mean something like this instead?

Hi @Davyboy16, happy to chime in here. Yes, creating smaller individual Motion Zones like that can sometimes help. You could also pull the Motion Zones back a bit more from the street so that they are still covering your driveway, but farther from the street to avoid catching passing vehicles. If this concern persists, you may also look at trying to reposition or adjust the angle on your Stick Up Cam to cut out more of the street if possible.