Zone Status

I previously owned ADT security system which was able to show a screen with all the zones (open/close). Does ring support a similar feature ?
My plan is to replace my old ADT panel with a tablet which will run the Ring App. My wife wants to be able to see which windows or doors are open.

I also have smart things so maybe that can somehow come into play.

Thank you !


Good question @Jackooze! The Alarm devices will certainly update their status within the app individually. If you visit the Alarm devices page in the Ring app, it will list each device with a quick status (open, closed, tampered, etc). There is also the option to enable chirps for most alarm devices, to notify of a status change audibly.

There are also Alarm Mode settings that allow you to select which sensors should be included or excluded from the Home or Away mode. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: