Z-Wave Strobe light compatible with Ring?

I am hearing-impaired/deaf. I recently replaced my smoke/CO alarms with Ring compatible First Alert alarm. My old alarm was connected to a strobe light as it was a wired interconnect one. However, the battery operated Ring endorsed Smoke/CO alarm doesn’t appear to have any way to make wired so that I can hook up a strobe to it. It would be great from an accessibility perspective if Ring also certified a z-wave wired Smoke/CO alarm such that I could hook up a strobe to it OR have some z-wave strobes that could be linked to the Smoke/CO such that when they go off- the strobes also go off. (could also pull double duty when the ring alarm goes off for any reason - strobe also goes off.). I keep the strobe light in my bedroom so something can wake me up if I’m asleep or don’t have my hearing equipment connected/turned on.

Hi @hickmjr. Other neighbors have also requested functionality with a flashing or strobing light system in this feature request, particularly for those who are hearing-impaired. We use the Feature Request board to gather and share feedback with our teams, so please feel free to add your comment and vote to that request. I’ll mark this reply as a solution so other neighbors who come across this thread can easily locate the right feature request.