Z-Wave Integration with Ring Security

I am trying to understand how z-wave light switches integrate with a Ring hub. Do I have fully programming ability, with an additional z-wave hub? ie. “turn light on at 8 am, and off at 5”? I use the smartthings APP, that allows me to do some programing and controlling without a smarthtings hub for some different products. As the ring Hub “connects” to the smartthings (APP?) will it function the same? ie programing done in the smartthings APP, which to execute the action, the APP communicates to the Ring Hub, which “tells” the light switch to go on or off or dim, etc?

Hi @arf1410. The Ring Alarm system is capable of adding Z-Wave devices and using them on the Ring app. A list of compatible Z-Wave devices, visit this page here. To set up routines for these devices, try adding an Amazon Alexa for more capabilities. Integration with SmartThings may result in limited features, since SmartThings is not officially supported by Ring. I hope this helps!

thanks. I do use Alexa… but for basic things. will I simply use voice commands to tell Alexa to turn on a light at a certain time every day? Or do I do that via a website / PC?

Hi @arf1410, happy to chime in for Tom here. To create a Routine in the Alexa app for your Ring Doorbell, Security Cameras or Mailbox Sensor, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  • Tap More in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Select Routines from the menu.
  • Tap the plus sign to Create Routine
  • A screen titled New Routine will appear.
  • Tap on and Routine Name and name your routine.**
  • Tap on When This Happens and tap Smart Home, select your Ring device you are creating the routine for.
  • Select which capability you’d like to set up.
  • Select Add action , and then choose which action it completes.
  • To receive a push notification when motion or contact sensor is triggered, select Send notification .
  • Under From , select which Alexa device controls the Routine.
  • Tap Create .

I hope these steps help. You can also find all of our Help Center Articles about Alexa and Ring here. :slight_smile: