Your sound could not be loaded. Retry.

Your sound could not be loaded. Retry. There is a thread below for this but the subject line does not identify it like I believe it should. I am re-entering it with the proper subject line for those that need to find it to be able to do so. The app is not working when you try to change tones. It does not work either when you try to turn up the volume. Or turn it down. You get the same error and retry as it says does not work. Immediately. It is becoming a real pain in a very short time

Hi @Cowboy99. The Ring app was experiencing some issues with getting your sounds to load, but this has since been resolved. Everything should be back to normal and you sounds should be returned. Thank you for your patience while we worked on fixing this.

A solution has been found and all works fine again. Just an FYI. All good.

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