"Your device isn't compatible with this version" App error

I have a Samsung S7 running Android 8.0. I loaded the app on it and can open it to see the camera but when I select “Open the ring app” it takes me to the Playstore Ring app and displays the above message. I tried it on a second S7 with the same result.

You need Android 9 or later.

I had the app on my sony experia running android 7 for years but i had to reset my phone and now the app is not comatable with this version of android would not buy anything from ring again cant afford tk keep buying new phones because they chanhe things on thereapp

Then you aren’t going to find many apps that work with such old and insecure versions of Android. Thankfully any company that find security more important than convenance is a company I’d rather work with.

Having the most updated version of your phone operating system is recommended when running the Ring App, and you will need to ensure it meets the minimum requirements to run the Ring App. You can visit our Help Center article here for more information on this. For Android phones, Android Version 9 or higher, with access to the Google Play Store, is required for the Ring App.

Just wanted to chime in here to ensure the right information is shared for any future neighbors that may come into this topic. Thank you, neighbors!

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