Yale Real Living Lock B1l not arming ring

My Yale Real Living Lock B1L with zwave has worked fine so far. I now need to have a neighbor be able to not only lock/unlock but to disarm and arm the ring alarm. All firmware is up to date and I have toggled the options under Mode Settings for “Unlocking will disarm” and “Acceds code will arm Away” and “One Touch wont’ arm away”, yet keying in the pin code (any pin code for that matter) will neither arm not disarm the alarm.


We’re here to help, @oompa! Once you have linked your smart lock with the Ring Alarm system and set up the arm and disarm functions in the Ring app, this should work as intended. Please ensure to enter the four-digit code you selected for the Alarm on your lock’s keypad. Your Alarm system should arm when your door locks and disarm as soon as your door unlocks. I recommend also checking for any Ring app updates, although this should not make a difference if this was already configured.

If this concern persists, please check out our Works With Ring Lock compatibility list to see if this model lock is fully supported for this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: