XFinity XB7 eats battery on Ring Doorbell 2

Warning to Xfinity customers:

We recently got an upgraded gateway from Xfinity/ Comcast. It is the 3rd Gen xFI gateway, also known as XB7.

Was able to connect but my battery started draining fast. I saw that Ring wants you to connect to 2.4GHz but the gateway, by default, wants to manage which band your devices are connecting to, so you have to split the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz SSIDs in the Xfinity app. So now I had a clear path to the 2.4 band and was able to reliably connect the Ring to that. However it was chewing through my battery in three to four days, even with solar adapter. I thought my battery was shot, so I bought a new one, but that drained just as fast.

Contacted Ring Support and they told me that the device was not happy with the router (even though I was just on the 2.4 band). Kudos to Ring support for giving me this info — can this kind of info be added to the Device Health tile in the Ring app??

I ended up hooking up my old router as an extension to the new gateway and connected the Ring to the 2.4 band on my old router and that instantly solved my battery drain problem!

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