Wrong modem code put into chime

Wrong modem code put into chime

Can you give some more information?
Which Chime? Pro or Regular?
What do you mean by code? Password?
Can you explain the problem so maybe we can help?

Regular chime

No sound from regular chime .

Ok, so what’s wrong? We need information in order to help? If you can’t type for some reason, you can call customer service and they can help you too.

Yep, stock standard, no frills single chime. Who knew I had this much idiocy in me but here we are! Would love to get it up and working if I can!

When it asked me to put in the password for thre modem, I stupidly put in another password for a modem no longer in use.

Ok, so you want to reset the chime so you can set it up again? I’ve attached screenshots that show you how to do a reset.

Thanks, but the blue light is not flashing. I tried it several times

You could try another outlet. But if it still shows no sign of life, you should call customer service and see if they’ll send you a new one. I had one die on me. They replaced it. Been good for over a year now.