wrong day displayed live view

When opening the ring app on my S9 and selecting live view the day displayed is incorrect. When I touch the day it goes to the correct calendar day. For example…today is Wednesday but when I go to live view it shows Friday…always two days ahead. I have search thru these posts and can’t find anything that may help. Any ideas?


Yes I am having the same issue. If I uninstall and install the app it rights itself but then reverts incorrectly after a while. So today is Thursday but it displays Saturday in live view. See attached.

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Same here with the wrong day displaying!! :frowning:

I am having the same issue, any word on how to fix it

Same here to

I’m having same experience with wrong day showing on live screen. Does Ring programers read and respond to queries like these?


I hope…that’s why I posted

Is this on iPhone and and Android phones I wonder mine Android I hope they fix it.

I am having the same issue

My nephew installed my Ring Prob but gave my daughter the admin as i was away and i am finiding it such a pain as i cant seem to have rights to add anything

all i can get is motion sensor or if someone rings the bell

Since Saturday i noticed when i tried Live view its like today ahead… Today is Monday 23rd December but its showing Wednesday 23rd December… Its very annoying.

There are quite a few of us who complained about this but up to date we havent seen any feedback


Hey neighbors! Thanks for providing this information to us. I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team. To further confirm this concern, please do the following in the Ring app:
Visit the Main Menu > Devices > Select camera > and then select Live View. Let us know if the day appears correctly from this section of the app.

Once confirmed, return to the Event History Timeline view from the dashboard. If the date is still incorrect, please remove the Ring app, reboot your phone (turn it off/on), and then reinstall the Ring app.

If the date is still incorrect, please provide a screenshot of this so I can pass it onto our team. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, and thank you all for being the best part of our Community!

So this is what happens when I follow your directions in the first paragraph. Everything seems to work correctly until I slide the timeline bar to the right to view past views or detection videos…then when I go back to the live view bar it jumps two days.


Screen shots

Still shows two days ahead on live view after you go to previous recordings

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Mine does the same. With all these documented concerns, the programmers should have a fix by now.

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I’m having the same problem. Today is Monday 12/23/19. But when I go to live view, it says the day is thurs. I recently connected my ring doorbell on friday of last week. And it’s always given me the wrong day when looking at the live view. Just a lil annoying.

Please see the attachment

Happening to me too. If you tap Thursday button it shows a calendar widget with the right day picked. It’s clearly a bug in the user interface code. Seems to be cosmetic (no functionality is lost)

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Identical thing here also

Oh this is is funny… updated my Androud app and now it says Friday instead of Thursday all of the time…lol

The day is a constant issue and front camera decides to not work alot yet a camera in my yard that is further from my wifi does work, very unhappy so far and really feel this may not be worth what a I spent