WPA3 WiFi security?

Hello, I just purchased 3 of the newest Ring Spotlight cams & just read that they are only WPA2? I have pretty major issues with hacking/Rings not recording video or sending notifications, I need these cameras to be high security or I need to replace them with ones that are (PoE Stickup Elite?).

Is there a plan to update the security on existing devices to WPA3? I would think wireless security of wireless security cameras would be a pretty big concern.

If I could get an official response I would appreciate it, otherwise it looks like I might have to uninstall and return my spotlight cams (which I do like, they do work well, but I need to be as hack-proof as possible, many reports of these cameras being hacked during thefts but working for like school buses and mailmen.)

Please advise,

Hi @doglogger3. At this time, WPA3 security is not currently supported. This is a great request! Security is our priority and you can always customize you ports and protocols for enhanced security. This Help Center article here goes over ports and protocol information. :smiley:

Thanks for your reply.

I would love to see WPA3 because it adds per device/connection encryption, so basically a hacker will have to hack each device individually rather than just using one password to ‘rule them all’, as it is with WPA2.