Worst product ever

Your product sucks after 13 months it breaks and you want me to buy a new one with 30 percent off if you can’t stand behind your product why would I purchase another one. I will repost my reviews on Twitter and Facebook because I now own a the most expensive Doorbell that doesn’t work. Also your customer support was also horrible thanks for your crappy product

Hi @Jkah497940. There are many steps we can take to troubleshoot these concerns. What model device do you have, and what is the major concern?

Keep in mind that our devices do come with a warranty that can be extended if subscribed to a Protect Plus Plan. Learn more about our device warranty here. Our support team is trained to find a solution for our neighbors’ even if the device is out of warranty. We’re here to help with suggestions on how to optimize device performance if needed! :slight_smile:

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