Worst customer service ever

I purchased $1000 worth of ring equipment I was promised two day free delivery 30 days past I never received anything several phone calls to ring no response email the CEO no response left a message on the CEOs voicemail no response some company I think it’s a fraud personally I finally got in touch with the shipping company three weeks later they responded received only half of my order still did not receive the other half and no response from ring buyer beware this company is not legit I don’t understand how a company this big Could treat the customers the way they do and expect to stay in business I will never buy another ring product again and never recommend it to my friends or family or anybody in the world how could you not get back to your customers when they have issues and act like they don’t exist when they spend all that money I’m not one to write negative on any company guess we all have our opportunities but this is disgusting the way they treat their people

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Bummer that you didn’t get your items, but could it possibly be due to the world wide supply chain difficulties that many companies are suffering with?
I know when I’ve place orders with Ring and other companies, I’ve had to have realistic expectations of shipping times as they are no longer able to do it as fast as they did 2 years ago.
Hopefully your items will show up eventually.