Works with Ring Compatible Devices - UK (EU) ?

Thank you for your quick advice, much appreciated.

I will try the suggested steps though I can confirm the lock is not connected to any hub at the moment. Now that I have removed the z-wave module from the lock and going to insert, do I need to go through any inclusion/exclusion process or good to start as fresh straight away?

I’m not too sure, I think if you start fresh from where you left it should be fine as I didn’t need to reset the module or anything when I switched over from the smart things hub to the ring alarm basestation. Also before started remove the device from your amazon alexa devices just to be on the safe side. Once you have added the lock successfully in the ring app you can go back to the alexa app and if you click discover it will find the lock automatically but as a ring device which will still allow you to lock and unlock via the alexa app and voice control however you will have to say “alexa ask ring to unlock/lock the door”. I would also recommend from the settings in the alexa app you set a voice code for unlocking the door. If not anyone can open your letter box and shout through to Alexa to open the door.

Thank you, appreciate that. I thought Yale doesnt allow unlocking door via Alexa app but only locking the door. But I will double check that and set a code if required

Your welcome, any issues feel free to give me a shout, happy to talk you through it. Just tested it on my Echo and lock and unlock both seem to work, just that unlock requires a voice code.

Argh! need to be careful then :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my attempt failed again :frowning: Device not found in Ring App after reinserting the z-wave module (removing batteries and putting back on) and trying to add works with ring option

Just to mention, the lock is still configured to the Yale smart living app in my iPhone, do I need to remove and reset? if yes, I will lose the key credits I purchased

I can’t say for sure but that could possibly be the issue. You won’t need the key credits or the Yale app once you have it set up, as from within the Ring app you can give guests access or unlock the door for the person after seeing and speaking to them from your ring doorbell. Try removing from the Yale app and then trying.

I don’t think you need to remove/reset the Yale app. I had it configured before I added it to Ring. Adding the device is tricky with the timing. Here’s an article for SmartThings, is the same except the software on your phone:

Thanks. Not sure if that article covers l1 Conexis locks?

I found another article, but I believe these steps were followed anyway

Here’s a YouTube video:

Thank you so much for all your quick responses and assistance. The smartthing setup video was straight forward as it has Yale option right there which isnt the case for ring app which doesnt have Yale conexis in the drop down. we have to use works with ring add option which unfortunately doesnt detect mine :frowning:

After spending 1-2 days on it, I kinda believe it might work with my lock and decide to return the z-wave module. Thanks all once again.

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to clear things up for you. The list of compatible Works With Rings devices that we have (smartlocks for example) is going to be for the NA Ring Alarm System. We do not have a list of UK Ring Alarm Works With Ring devices at this time, as the UK Ring Alarm is still fairly new and we have a limited amount of devices that work with it. Thank you for helping each other out with this, just wanted to make sure you were aware of this! :slight_smile:

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There you go! That’s explains why :slight_smile: so no point buying that z-wave now if there isn’t anything in the roadmap for U.K. the !

This is strange, I’m certain mine is a UK model as it has a 3 pin plug, and I’ve got a Z wave module installed in my Conexis L1 lock and have managed to set it up to work the ring alarm base station just fine. Unless they’ve removed something from the software to prevent this since I installed mine I can’t understand what’s going wrong. Sanjeev any chance you can shoot me an email and we can chat maybe I can talk you through it.

I really doubt there is any difference in the Ring software from the US and the UK, other than language specific included resources. The z-wave frequency is different in the US and the UK (so I’ve read, have not proven), so make sure the Ring base station was purchased in the UK.

Also, the Ring alarm costs almost twice as much in the UK compared with the US. Really supprised with the price gouging they can’t afford to spend resources on approving ‘works with Ring’ devices in the UK.

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I’ve just done this with my new Ring Alarm, quick question mine says the battery is drained, although when I check in the Yale app it’s says full batteries (and they should be I just put them in the same time as the z wave module 2)… Does yours say the same?

Much easier the integration via the Ring app, but like you, a shame it isnt linked to disarming the alarm.

It’s been almost 2 months, so my memory is fading a bit, but I do think I saw something simular with Ring having dead batteries and the Yale app having 100%. Right now I have 100% for both, which is pretty good for daily use for 2 months. I think I might have removed and replaced the batteries, or maybe just give it some time to sync, it will work.

Ring support kindly sent me replacement U.K. devices and I could successfully make it work with my yale central lock. Thanks all for your valuable inputs and support.

Cool thanks, have managed to fix mine by removing the device from the alarm, rebooting the alarm and then re-adding it. Now the battery status correctly reflects new batteries, fingers crossed it updates over time and that it doesnt kill the batteries (which when I last tried using ST Hub and the old Z Wave module, I found batteries lasted 4 weeks at best!)…

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@MR89 can you describe step by step how you did this in the U.K. before I go and purchase the Z wave module for my lock ?