Works with Ring Compatible Devices - UK (EU) ?

Thank you very much I disconnected from smartthings and it worked just as you said however it was asking for a 5 digit pin when connecting to the ring app. I tried the codes I may have used when setting up the Yale lock originally but didn’t work. It said the code is written next to a QR code on the lock but I couldn’t find anything. I disconnected the lock from the door to reset it but now have a constant alarm ringing from the door handle. I’ve left it disconnected for now and will give it a go again tomorrow and hopefully should be able to use a default 5 digit code if one is still required. Thanks very much for your help so far.

I figured it all out all sorted now got it set up and figured out where the code was, it wasn’t actually on the lock it was on the Z wave module. Once again thank you for your help.

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Sorry, I forgot to include the code part in the instructions. For anyone else, it’s on the Z-Wave module, the first 5 characters of the ID, which are underlined. You will get prompted by the Ring app after it finds the lock, to enter the code.

So how come the Ring team don’t even know what is compatible with UK systems and end users do? whats up with that? Might need to do their own research before commenting as clearly thats two people on here that have the Yale door lock working, so what else works that Ring have no clue about?

Hey @Meatius. Just wanted to help clear the air on your concern! Since the Ring Alarm Base Station unit is new for the UK, there are only so many devices that we have UK certified and approved to be attached to and working with the Ring Alarm. Additional devices to be added and approved are always being worked on so we can make the experience for all of our neighbors universal.

Since the Base Station does run on a Z-Wave frequency, you may be able to find Z-Wave devices that will connect to the Base Station. The only downside to adding a device that is not certified officially to work with the Ring Alarm is that our support agents will have little to no troubleshooting available, and even the device’s functionality in the app can be limited.

Therefore, we do not encourage our neighbors to add devices that are not certified and approved to work, but it is of course up to the neighbor’s discretion. In the end, we want our neighbors to do what is best for themselves and their homes to help them feel safe and secure. I hope this helps clear this up for you. :slight_smile:


I need some expert advice here.

I currently own a Yale Conexis L1 door lock and recently bought a z-wave module 2 to make it work with my Ring Base alarm kit and also controlled via Alexa

Unfortunately, Ring is unable to detect the z-wave module as it keeps on listening and does not find any device. I have now removed the z-wave module from the lock and wanted to start from step 1

May I request someone to provide with some steps which made it work for a successful integration please?


Please make sure you do not have it connected to Alexa, you need to remove it from there or any other hub that you have it connected to and then try the pairing process install the z wave module and press the button on the inside of the door handle 3 times very quickly while searching for a new Z wave device on your ring app and it should appear. Also once it has been discovered you will be asked for a code. The code should be some numbers written on the Z wave module itself, the numbers you need to enter are the ones which are underlined.

Thank you for your quick advice, much appreciated.

I will try the suggested steps though I can confirm the lock is not connected to any hub at the moment. Now that I have removed the z-wave module from the lock and going to insert, do I need to go through any inclusion/exclusion process or good to start as fresh straight away?

I’m not too sure, I think if you start fresh from where you left it should be fine as I didn’t need to reset the module or anything when I switched over from the smart things hub to the ring alarm basestation. Also before started remove the device from your amazon alexa devices just to be on the safe side. Once you have added the lock successfully in the ring app you can go back to the alexa app and if you click discover it will find the lock automatically but as a ring device which will still allow you to lock and unlock via the alexa app and voice control however you will have to say “alexa ask ring to unlock/lock the door”. I would also recommend from the settings in the alexa app you set a voice code for unlocking the door. If not anyone can open your letter box and shout through to Alexa to open the door.

Thank you, appreciate that. I thought Yale doesnt allow unlocking door via Alexa app but only locking the door. But I will double check that and set a code if required

Your welcome, any issues feel free to give me a shout, happy to talk you through it. Just tested it on my Echo and lock and unlock both seem to work, just that unlock requires a voice code.

Argh! need to be careful then :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my attempt failed again :frowning: Device not found in Ring App after reinserting the z-wave module (removing batteries and putting back on) and trying to add works with ring option

Just to mention, the lock is still configured to the Yale smart living app in my iPhone, do I need to remove and reset? if yes, I will lose the key credits I purchased

I can’t say for sure but that could possibly be the issue. You won’t need the key credits or the Yale app once you have it set up, as from within the Ring app you can give guests access or unlock the door for the person after seeing and speaking to them from your ring doorbell. Try removing from the Yale app and then trying.

I don’t think you need to remove/reset the Yale app. I had it configured before I added it to Ring. Adding the device is tricky with the timing. Here’s an article for SmartThings, is the same except the software on your phone:

Thanks. Not sure if that article covers l1 Conexis locks?

I found another article, but I believe these steps were followed anyway

Here’s a YouTube video:

Thank you so much for all your quick responses and assistance. The smartthing setup video was straight forward as it has Yale option right there which isnt the case for ring app which doesnt have Yale conexis in the drop down. we have to use works with ring add option which unfortunately doesnt detect mine :frowning:

After spending 1-2 days on it, I kinda believe it might work with my lock and decide to return the z-wave module. Thanks all once again.

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to clear things up for you. The list of compatible Works With Rings devices that we have (smartlocks for example) is going to be for the NA Ring Alarm System. We do not have a list of UK Ring Alarm Works With Ring devices at this time, as the UK Ring Alarm is still fairly new and we have a limited amount of devices that work with it. Thank you for helping each other out with this, just wanted to make sure you were aware of this! :slight_smile:

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There you go! That’s explains why :slight_smile: so no point buying that z-wave now if there isn’t anything in the roadmap for U.K. the !