Work around for Win10 App - error code 0x80131500

I have had this error happen to me on my WIndows 10 computer. No suggested fix on these boards has worked (and I have read every post ad nausium). BUT, I have found a work around that works for me.

Ther is some free software for PC called BlueStacks. I am not going to link anything, just use your Google-Fu and you shall find it. Anyway, BlueStacks is an emulation program that lets you run Android apps on your computer. I have used it for other games and after all this mess with the Ring Windows App, I said screw it and tried the Android app on it. It works like a champ!! Its the exact same interface as on my Samsung as it is the exact same app!!! Check the attached pic!

Some may like it, some may not. For me, its good. I just wanted to throw it out there.

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