Wont let me use Firefox

… so I downloaded chrome just fro Ring use and went to log in and I get ‘your session has expired’ etc etc, anyone suffered the same and whats the cure, (BTW, i do wish I had not purchased Ring I have 4 cameras and 3 doorbells, but there was nothing else available at the time), even this board is overly complicated for just posting a help post.

Hi @henly1234. To confirm, you’re trying to sign into your Ring account on the Ring website using Chrome, correct? You shouldn’t have any problems doing so as Chrome is a supported browser. If you have a VPN or any type of specific firewall or security settings, make sure these are disabled as they could be impacting your ability to successfully sign in. I’d also recommend trying some of the basic troubleshooting steps such as relaunching Chrome, rebooting your PC, and making sure everything is updated. If this concern persists, please share a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving when you try to sign in so I can take a look. :slight_smile: