Won’t Set Up and No Wifi

I’ve had the Ring Pro doorbell for a few years with no issues. About a week ago we lost power and when it came back on the doorbell didn’t reconnect.

Note that we have had power outages before and it has always automatically reconnected.

I’ve tried to reset the bell, the phone, the app, even the router. The bell does not appear to enter set up mode, just pulses white faded light. And i cannot find the ring network to join.

I have the chime pro and a regular camera in my bedroom that works just fine. It’s the doorbell that doesn’t work. None of the wires appear bad or loose, either.

It appears to be a recent common issue but i see no resolution posted, so i would like to know what gives. Preferably without having to contact customer support- i do not have the time to sit on the phone right now and my next day off isn’t until Friday.

We had the same thing happen to us. My doorbell power “box” is upstairs, so when I was installing a fan, I turned the breaker off for that area, and since then the ring doorbell has not worked. It won’t enter set up, the orange button doesn’t help either. I’ve tried factory resets, I’ve removed it from my account, and even had an electrician come and take a look at the wiring, connections, and try to set it up himself with no success. Right now it’s simply a decoration for my home and not a functional doorbell, so if you get an answer on this, I would love to know what the solution is.

My issue is similar. I simply wanted to rename my wifi network. I did. Therefore I had to reconnect the Ring, but now it won’t reconnect. I even get emails saying “This setup attempt was blocked”, like I’m a crook that stole it or something. It was working fine on the old network, but for the past 2 weeks, can’t get it to work. I’m wondering if iOS 15 has anything to do with it. At one point it asked me to update the app, but there wasn’t an update. I’m also on Beta iOS 15, so wondering if that could be the cause? Not sure. However, this is ridiculous and I feel your pain.

Hi neighbors! I can offer some basic troubleshooting advice after getting a bit more information from you. Exactly what light pattern are you seeing on the front of your Doorbell; what color is it, is it pulsing or flashing, and what area of the circle does it cover? Additionally, are you seeing any setup errors in the Ring App, or which part of the setup process does it stop at in the Ring App? Feel free to attach a screenshot of this if you can as well. You may still need to contact support for help, but I’ll see what I can find out with this information. :slight_smile:

Mine is a pulsing white light - sometimes it’s bright and obvious other times it’s very dim. It covers the whole circle around the button. I’ve only gotten it to do the set up light (going around the button) a couple times and it only does it once before pulsing.

I can’t seem to get it to do a reset either - i hold the side button the recommended time and it doesn’t do anything. I got it to maybe reset once or twice.

When I’m not doing anything to it i think it stays lit all white? I never looked but i will when i get home.

My phone/app can’t detect the ring network at all to set up. It shows as offline on the app and wants me to set everything back up. I follow the steps and zilch. Says it can’t connect to the ring network.