Won’t connect live and battery level

I charged batter all night like instructions said but only shows 37 percent and it won’t connect live it just keeps saying re connect but connection is perfect

Seems like you should always indicate what device you are referring to. This forum is for several devices. My device, the floodlight cam, has no battery for instance.

I have trouble with my floodlight cam connecting to live view also. It has a mind of its own. Of course the problem occur when I most want to see the live view quickly. Ring supprt treid to start talking about the wifi connection with me as well. Its a bunch of bunk. I have business class cable internet and wifi. There is 144mbps at the device and I have a -48 connection value in the app which Ring itself says is good. Something else is hanging the app up and it isnt my internet or wifi.

I’m getting tired of the hassle of this thing and considering sending it back.