Wiring 2 Ring Classics Directly to Transformer


I spent a good day wiring and then troubleshooting this issue, and hoping I can get some help. I purchased 1 new Ring classic, and was given another from a friend. I bought a 24v transformer and 2 25ohm 50watt wireround resistors, I cut 2 pieces of bell wire and wired the red and white wires to the transformer, and then after twitsting the 2 pairs of wire to the transformer on the other side I split up the 2 pairs and connected the white wires with a wago lever nut so they are continuous and then ran the red wire on each seperate pair to the wire round resistors and connected the other wire on the resistor to the red of each wire go to the doorbells. Now here is what happened:

The backdoor ring had a solid white circle, and the front door had a solid white circle but was flickering. After pressing the button a couple times the front and rear doorbells would turn off (The first time this happened the front turned off and the back stayed on, but eventually both turned off) Once I turned off the circuit and turned it back on the same issue would happen. I verified that the wiring matched up with Ring Supports diagram on how to wire directly to transformer, and made sure everything was tight.

Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. Checked resistance at each doorbell with transformer wires disconnected (multimeater read ol so the wires were not shorting

  2. Verified voltage at doorbell, it was 26v, and went down to 11 at both doorbell locations after turning off circuit and turning back on, but went back to 26 when removing wires from transformer

  3. Connected ring (removed from front door since the back door ring would be solid white ring and front would be flickering solid white, I figured the front one might have had an issue) with new bell wire directly to transformer and it was still flickering

  4. Replaced transformer with 18v transformer, and verified voltage at doorbells confirmed it was 18v. Both doorbells were solid white, but after a few moments the front doorbell started flickering again, I pushed the button and both doorbells turned off

I am now totally lost… I 100% verified that the wireround resistors were connected (white wire was continuous and red wire went thru one end of resistor and out the other red wire to doorbells… For clarity the 2 pairs of wires on one end were twisted together both red twisted and connected to one post on transformer and both white twisted together and connected to other post) on the other end of the wires the pairs were seperated and wired thru 1 wire round resistor per pair of wires. I appologize for the long post but hope there is something I am missing here. I already called 800 support but was unable to get it resolved.

Please see links from amazon for the parts I used: